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My Story

I'm a medical Doctor currently doing my internship at a public hospital in South Africa. My journey has been riddled with challenges - many of them health related, others having a more personal nature - all essential lessons. I don't fit the typical scrub cap of a doctor; my interests have always been more "alternative" than they breed at medical school. I grew up in an open-minded, spiritual household, which embraced every aspect this world has to offer. From science to crystals, the wonders of nature and everything else in between, this has gifted me with the ability to see the world through a different lens and gain appreciation for the more abstract things in life. 

Last year, during my first year as an intern, my health took a turn for the worse, and through an exhausting and nerve wrecking process, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition - C-ANCA associated vasculitis - or as others call it "C-excuse me what vasculitis?". My entire universe was turned upside down, 180 degrees, a full flop on it's face. Being a Doctor certainly helped somewhat with understanding what was going on, but nothing could ever make something like this easy to fully comprehend. Eventually I ended up developing Adjustment disorder and burnout and was encouraged to take time off to recover, an essential necessity as I've chosen an integrative approach to managing my condition.

This blog is about my journey to healing, my experiences and challenges and how they've lead me down the beautiful path of becoming a true healer, and most importantly, to create a safe space for anyone who is one their own journey, anyone who has questions, anyone who is searching for a space in which they can confide in people who are in a similar situation - no matter what that situation may be. 

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